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Messe Frankfurt


As a reliable partner to the industries, Messe Frankfurt creates innovative networking platforms and organises its own trade show events at many other venues around the world.

The Texpertise Network is part of this. We have been working Messe Frankfurt's global "umbrella" network, which links 50 textile trade shows for many years, providing them with creative ideas for key visuals, unusual gimmicks and giveaways for the trade shows. We supply everything from a single source - from the first idea to custom packaging. In this way, we give trade shows a face and make them tangible.

We assist Messe Frankfurt in opening up new markets for textile trade shows with creative ideas - the stuff dreams are made of.

since 1997

Example for giveaways


  • Development of a gadget for the "apparel & fashion" sector = world of fabrics
  • Used at various textile trade fairs around the world
  • Messe Frankfurt wants to be perceived as an internationally attractive partner in the textile industry


  • The development of special forms of presentation - a folder with interchangeable individual sheets, a rotating cube
  • The focus is on haptic experience/enjoyment
  • The viewer is taken on a little journey
  • The fabric/material theme acts as an eye-catching feature

Open up new markets

We design key visuals for foreign trade fairs / international textile fairs from Messe Frankfurt. The task is to give the trade fairs an independent and unmistakable appearance. For this we use motifs from the plant world. Representing the 'materiality in nature' is our idea here.

We give trade fairs a face

We try to convey information through good storytelling, with moods, colors and emotions. The focus here is to inspire, captivate and sweep away.

We can't help it - we enjoy good advertising.