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PILA Automotive


Every year we develop a new order brochure for our client PILA Automotive under the motto: "Your fast way to the original spare parts". This also includes desk pads and Christmas cards complete with packaging.

We started a few years ago with the development of the corporate design - from the logo / word/figurative mark to business papers, business cards, PowerPoint presentations and a website.

PILA Automotive would like to use this to reach customers abroad, mainly in Switzerland but also in France. The goal is, therefore, to inject more momentum into the Swiss spare parts market.

since 2009

Our idea for the covers of the PILA Automotive brochure series is always to focus on a special photo of classic cars. This ensures attention and presence.

For PILA Automotive we developed a website with the history of the Spieß family. 

A photo with today's team gives an additional impression of who is behind the name PILA Automotive.