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With creative ideas and good design, we will make your trade show and advertising presence a success.

Grigat und Neu: International trade show stand design and advertising agency based in Darmstadt.

While the combination of an exhibition stand design and advertising agency is not that common, it is typical for Grigat und Neu, where we like to break new ground by combining creativity with practicality. This is how we develop and build individual exhibition stands that stand out from the crowd and at the same time are well thought out down to the last detail. With the same understanding of creativity, we design your advertising presence across new and traditional media. We offer exhibition stand design and advertising services under one roof - with quick decision-making and efficient workflows. In this way, you can enjoy an extra benefit, because one and one here makes three.

Experts in Trade Show Stand Design

We design the perfect stage for your products. With surprising ideas - and over 30 years of experience in trade show and exhibition stand design.

A well-designed trade show stand is an experience, an attraction in the hustle and bustle of a trade show. To make it a success, we implement your corporate identity in three dimensions - including creative highlights that you cannot ignore. As your partner, we remain at your side from the beginning to the end of the project and assist you through various steps of your trade show presentation.

Advertising Experts

We develop your communications across digital and analogue media. With an understanding of your brand personality - and creative concepts.

While it is important for advertising to be eye-catching, it is the "how" that matters. We understand your brand and your target audience. We design your advertising media based on both. With a lot of experience in creation and production, we create an advertising presence that suits you and conveys your message in an extraordinary way.


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